T33.0 x 19.9 x 10.7 – HIGH FLUX 147 PERM

Our Price: $8.2
Part Number: C058547A2

The C058547A2 is a toroid core manufactured using HIGH FLUX material in a 147 perm
High Flux?cores offer the highest biasing capability of all powder core materials. The high saturation flux density (15,000 gauss) and relatively low losses of High Flux cores make them quite useful for applications involving high power, high DC bias, or high AC bias at high power frequencies.

(Minimum order): 10

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Manufacturer: Magnetics
Product Type: Powder Core
Material: Powder
Material Grade: HIGH FLUX
Geometry: Toroid – Epoxy
Size: TX31
Orientation: N
Weight (lbs): 0.099383368
Weight (G): 45.08

Purchase U/M: 10

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